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Celebrate Your Occasion With A Colourful Candy Buffet!

If you're planning a party you'll know there's a million things to consider - Invitations, Party Theme, Decorations, Thank you cards, Party Bags, Music, Party Games, Paper Products, Birthday Cakes, Decorations, Party Supplies, Cupcakes, Balloons, Candy or Lollies and Chocolates in Bulk or Pre packed bags, and more. These days its a major production! But it's all about a memorable experience for your loved ones. is your one stop shop for Candy Buffet sweets. We have an exciting range of products including Chocolates, Marshmallows, Lollipops, Bubblegum's, Toffee's, Jelly Beans, Gluten Free Products, Gummy Lollies, Jellies, Single Coloured Products, Sixlets, Pearls and other tasty goodies perfect for creating a memorable Candy Buffet display. 

Make your Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Wedding, Corporate Event or any other themed event memorable by creating a tempting and tasteful Lolly Buffet for your guests to talk about. 

Choose your favourite colours and colour co-ordinate your occasion with a variety of Black, Blue, Brown, Green, GoldOrange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow and Multi-coloured products.