DIY Candy Buffet Tips and Tricks

Candy Buffet Tips

Candy Buffets are a great way to Celebrate an Occasion and WOW your guests. They have a unique way of making the day SPECIAL, and MEMORABLE. They’re FUN, DIFFERENT and a guaranteed way to Break the ice and start conversations amongst guests or friends unfamiliar with each other. Creating candy buffets are also about YOU doing something SPECIAL and exercising talents for DECORATION and ENTERTAINMENT you never thought you had. They’re an expression of GIVING, CARING, STYLE, ART and PLEASURE.

Have FUN when you’re planning your Candy Buffet, let your creative juices flow. The whole process is one to be ENJOYED and SHARED. Remember, you can use candy buffets on an on going basis for every celebration or event you can think of - birthday's, Christmas, Home entertainment, Corporate Foyer's or Corporate Boxes, Product Launches, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Dayweddings, engagements & baby shower's, for example.

How Much Candy Should I Buy?

If you’re displaying the candy in containers for guests to choose and consume whilst they’re at your function a general rule of thumb is between 50g-100g per person. As a matter of interest, some guests will go for more, some less - their choice! Likewise, if you’re making up little takeaway gifts work on a similar amount. Obviously if you’re doing both, as many people do, simply double the quantity per person. As a way of illustration, if you are expecting 50 guests and you’re displaying and gifting you’ll need 10kgs of product in total i.e. 50 x 200g each. This will be divided by the number of lines you choose to serve. It doesn’t hurt to buy a little extra for display purposes if your containers are on the bigger side - getting rid of candies & choc's is not hard to do! Family will step up to the plate in a heartbeat, and you can always share them around the office! That’ll win you some brownie points!

What type of containers should I use for GIFTS?

Your choices are endless. Paper bags, designer packets, tissue paper, gift boxes to a size you like and can afford, little buckets, or anything that takes your fancy. Colours, shapes, textures - it’s up to you. go ahead, EXPRESS YOURSELF.

What type of Jars should I use for Candy Displays?

Again anything can be used. Unlock that wonderful IMAGINATION of yours! Glass jars, bowls, mugs, ornaments, your favourite silverware, plates platters, baskets, metal trays - again, GO FOR IT. And the great part of CANDY DISPLAYS is you can use what you’ve got, by & large. There is very little expense if you choose to economise. Simply look out whatever you have available. It is important to colour co-ordinate your display material with your products and your THEME. Be creative. Remember to provide tongs or scoops for guests to select their candies & choc's, and bags or boxes into which they can put their goodies.

What types of Lollies should I buy?

Whatever you like, whatever you think your guests would like, whatever flavours you think are suitable, or colours, whatever suits the day or the occasion, looks nice…

Take into consideration whether your guests are kids, adults, oldies—stick to lollies for the youngsters, more traditional lines for the older generation, a mixture if there’s all sorts of guests. A good place to start is ask those helping you, or the family, what their favourite products are, which they think may be appropriate or those that you know are universally popular, like Jelly Beans, or Strawberry Clouds, or Choc Malt Balls or Gummy Bears. And of course, simply go through our 500 lines onsite and make your choice. We have specifically designed our site so you can shop by occasion, colour, type of product and brands. Each product has a description which should assist you in this regard. By the way, have a budget in mind and stick to it!!

How should I display my Candy Buffet?

Remember, candy provides a wonderful colour palette that can be displayed in a multitude of ways. We often find inspiration for our candy designs from all different forms of artistic expression including floral design, fashion and culinary arts.

Lollies vary in shapes, flavours, colour shades and sizes. Variety not only makes candy buffets and dessert tables visually attractive, it also appeals to the differing tastes and preferences of your guests.

Vertical Composition
Just like great landscaping or flower arranging, an aesthetically pleasing candy buffet or dessert table will present items at a variety of height levels. Not every jar and container will be the same height as another. You can even have a few tall containers presented as visual displays or centre pieces and then have many jars of the same height and size for actual sampling purposes.

Of course, you could purchase containers in different heights to achieve this effect, but with a little creativity you can use one of our suggested techniques. To create different levels, find a few objects (e.g. dishware, books, paperweights, anything that is heavy and flat to provide a solid platform) that vary in height, and place them underneath your tablecloth using them as stands for your candy containers. If you aren’t using a tablecloth you can opt to purchase clear acrylic risers from any arts and crafts store to create height differentials. Or, you can get creative and employ interesting and artistic objects as risers and incorporate them into your candy buffet theme. The different ways you can present a candy buffet are limitless, but creating some height differentials will make it more interesting.

Establish a Colour Scheme

Although colour is great, too many can detract from creating an artistic impression. In general, we suggest that you stick to two or three main colours that complement each other and present your guests with at least three to four different lollies of the same colour. Slightly varying shades of these colours are fine, and can be visually appealing! This way, your colour scheme and overall colour message comes through in the presentation. However, if you want to use more than our suggested two to three colour combination, try to keep them to the same colour family (e.g. not mixing pastels with primary colours). One example of keeping a multitude of colours within the same family is our Rainbow Candy Buffet. By sticking with only primary and complementary colours, the extremely colour-filled buffet achieves a bold, circus-like feel without looking too over the top. Our advice, keep your focus on one of the following groups: cheery primary colours, heroic complementary colours, reckless neon's, or muted pastels. Or, go monochromatic and showcase a number of eye catching hues of a single colour!