Brands @ BigLolly

Big Lolly focuses on the unique, the different, the special. Candy that you can’t find in most retail outlets. We have several brands and a huge range of single coloured and unique goodies - And here's why we take the time to concentrate on each one….

Big Lolly
Lollies come in 10kg boxes…. That's a lot of sugar! So here at BigLolly we break it down & hand pack the best quality candy from all the other brands into sizes that are perfect for you.

Every bag is resealable - so you can eat some, keep some…. It's awesome! All products are of the highest quality & wherever possible we try to offer them gluten free. Our selection of colours is huge - Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Orange, Brown, Green, Purple, Silver and Gold - Plus a huge variety of Assorted Coloured Products. 


Some of the world's biggest candy manufacturers are situated in Spain. The Spaniards are known for bull fighting & siestas, so how does this help their Candy?….. We don't know, but it’s the best in the world. Ole!

Fini are known as the 'innovators'. They are first to the market with candy that is different, whacky, sometimes controversial but always delicious, and we mean ALWAYS.

With a range of high quality Gummy Bears, Marshmallows, Sour/Fizzy Belts, Gummy Lollies, Licorice Products, Yogurt Bars, Novelty Gums, Candy Corn, Gumballs, Lollipops, Sour Lollies, Strawberry Clouds, and Fondant Centred goodies - The Fini range is guaranteed to add a touch of unique-ness and individuality to your occasion. 

The best thing with Fini is that if you have a good idea, they'll make it…... So share your thoughts with us!


Aussie Drops
Every now & then a little bit of Aussie goes a long, long way….. Every winter people call from far & wide for some Aussie Drops. Hand made in Australia, these Eucalyptus balls are outstanding. For a winter warmer we need something for you to suck on & Aussie Drops are truly suckable! (Is that even a word)



The Yanks know one thing in Candy - and that's Gum. When your national pastime is chewing Gum you get pretty good at polishing those little balls. Fortunately for us, when they turned their American know how to chocolate - Out came Sixlets & Pearls…. There is nothing on the market that comes close to these little balls for making your cakes, buffets & occasions come to life! With a choice of Shimmer colours including: Light Pink, White, Lavender, Powder Blue, Yellow, Orange, Gold and Silver - Plus Black, Red, Blue and Hot Pink - You're sure to find what's right for your event and add a splash of style with Sixlets & Pearls!


MMM, bigger is better. Finetime is our value offer - Whenever you need a lot of product, Finetime is where it’s at….. Almost every lolly ever made can be found in a Finetime bag - Sour Cola Bottles, Gummy Bears, Fizzy Worms, Fizzy Ears, Jelly Beans, Chocolates, Toffee's, Lollipops, Marshamallows, Jellies, Snakes, Party Mixes and Gummy products - Just to mention a few.... Just be prepared to buy a LOT!

....Luckily, it'll be the best value confectionery you've ever bought!